Monday, September 25, 2006

so yeah I got a blog now...

So I draw for a living, and I sketch a now you can see some of that. YAY!
so here's a few i did the last couple of days:
- a preety bored looking Robin
- Ben Reilly as Spidey ( I love that costume...yeah, wassup?)
- and some vampire chick with a big sword (which i thought kinda sucked but i scanned it in anyway, so fuck it)


DreadZeppelin said...

Hey Nando! Glad to see you online with your mad pencilling skillz!

Your co-creator/co-worker/alibi,


DreadZeppelin said...
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Nando said...

thanx man...felt the bandwagon was passing me by, so i hadda get on it! creativity is so overrated

DreadZeppelin said...

Creativity is the new apathy. Meh. ;)

Do you have any naked Black Cat pictures? I kid, I kid!