Monday, October 23, 2006


Here's a pick I did a little while back to help out a friend. She needed some ilustration that lustrated the idea of chaos (preety general right). So being the neurotic person I am, the first thing that came to mind was "mental chaos". Basically trying to ilustrate the confusion subjects like politics, sex, religion and drugs can generate on a 23 year old guy like myself.
so yeah, too lazy to get reference on anything? draw whatever comes to mind first :)
...and that isn't a typo, chaos in spanish is spelled CAOS.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I was re reading " Hellboy: the conqueror worm" the other day and it reminded me how cool lobster johnson is... i hope they do something with him someday.
Also i kinda dug the way the inking came out. just a siple 03 techpen line with an 05 outline. Might try this on some project one day -cue trascendental music- I actually did a Hellboy one in this "inking style" but didn't dig it as much, so you don't get to see it.
so yeah that...

Monday, September 25, 2006

so yeah I got a blog now...

So I draw for a living, and I sketch a now you can see some of that. YAY!
so here's a few i did the last couple of days:
- a preety bored looking Robin
- Ben Reilly as Spidey ( I love that costume...yeah, wassup?)
- and some vampire chick with a big sword (which i thought kinda sucked but i scanned it in anyway, so fuck it)